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We support activities and values that are important to us in locations where environmentally friendly wind energy is being produced or developed. In addition we support different wind related activities in sport and culture. The activities of Nelja Energia AS have received recognition also at the national level.

In 2014 Urve Tiidus, the Estonian Minister of Culture, thanked Nelja Energia AS with a letter of appreciation for the important contribution in supporting the Estonian culture. In 2016, Nelja Energia was awarded the title "Culture Friend 2015".

In 2015, Nelja Energia AS supported the local communities with a total of EUR 144,284 (EUR 75,872 in Estonia and EUR 68,412 in Lithuania). Donations are distributed to communities through non-profit associations that are established together with local municipalities. Donations are calculated at the rate of EUR 0.32 for each MWh of electricity produced by the local wind farm. 


Nelja Energia has created several non-profit associations with the aim to partly distribute the revenue from the wind energy production in order to promote economic, environmental, cultural and social development of the communities located near our wind parks.

Non-profit associations have been founded within five Estonian local municipalities: Viru-Nigula (16. June 2010), Hanila (26. October 2010), Noarootsi (20. April 2011), Aseri (18. December 2012) and Paldiski (26. November 2015).

During 2015 total donations of Nelja Energia to the Estonian non-profit organizations were 75,872 euros.

Grants were divided mainly into three categories:

  • investments (for instance money was allocated to change the window shades and lightening in the lobby area of the Kõmsi community center which makes the building more energy efficient);
  • improving for the residents the opportunities of education and recreation (for example, young table tennis players in the County of Hanila, Viru-Nigula and Aseri were supported in their practice and competitions);
  • supporting community events (for instance in Noarootsi County the culture life was enliven by two concerts in Pürksi, quiz shows of Nuckö, New Years' celebrations in Sutlepa and performances of a local theatre group).


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Estonian Kiteboarding Association compounds surfclubs that are focused on developing kiteboarding in Estonia, and also represents interests of kite surfers both here and abroad. In co-operation with Nelja Energia the association has started a supporting program for surfclubs and athletes. Nelja Energia has also contributed to the arrangement of the Estonian Championships.Nelja Energia contributs to Estonian snowboarders success - we collaborate with the Estonian Ski Association in frame of Pyeongchang Olympic Games 2018. Nelja Energia is a sponsor for freestyle snowboarding and the best Estonian freestyle skier Kelly Sildaru.
Hiiumaa Equestrian Club promotes equestrian sport and also connects horse breeders, riders and equestrian enthusiasts in Hiiumaa. In co-operation with Nelja Energia the most well known Kärdla Equestrian Days are being organized.Kloogaranna Festival is held in Kloogaranna beach every summer next to the Paldiski wind park. You can find great music, different entertainment and sport activities as well as sport activities there. Nelja Energia is one of the sponsors of this festival.
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Hiiumaa Marathon organizes running, cycling and skiing competitions for amateur athletes. A running marathon in the island of Hiiumaa is the annual highlight of the event that happens in the first weekend of June and besides locals also people from all over Estonia and abroad actively participate. Nelja Energia is a major supporter of the event, contributing in particular in attracting young people to practice sports.NGO Hiiumaa Jalgpall aim is to promote soccer through creating oppurtunities for children and young people, to learn soccer under professionals guidance and put acquired skills to the test in various competitions both in Estonia and abroad. Second aim is to develop soccer culture – to bring people to soccer, demonstrate exciting matches and organizing competitions in Hiiumaa (such as Saaremaa-Hiiumaa country challange, Hiiumaa football championships). 
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The Union of Creative People of Hiiumaa opened an experimental art gallery in Kärdla in summer 2015. In Nelja Nurga Gallery the creation of the artists related to Hiiumaa is presented both for sales and exhibition. Additionally the gallery provides expert advice and overview of the artists related to the island.  Nelja Nurga gallery is supplied with energy by Nelja  Energia AS.

Negavatt is an energy and resource conservation competition for students that is organized by the Environmental Investment Centre. The challenge is how to create a revolution in resource efficiency in universities and its campuses.

Music of the Future is this season’s fresh and experimental concert series for those who have a special interest in modern culture. Premieres, new arrangements, a DJ and a symphony, alternative energy and dark dreams, the International Modern Music Festival AFEKT and the Estonian Music Days – music of the future reaches its audience though the guidance of Kristiina Poska, Kristjan Järvi, Olari Elts and Michael Wendeberg. Sponsor of the series is Nelja Energia AS.Pärnu Music Festival is one of the most highly rated classical music festivals in Estonia, that grows as one of the most significant orchestra festivals throughout Europe. The leaders of the festival are Neeme and Paavo Järvi. Nearly 300 musicians from 20 countries participate in the festival that has been taking place since 2009. In addition to orchestral music, great soloists and chamber music are heard. One of the festival sponsors is Nelja Energia AS.



Nelja Energia supports a pop-up maritime school “A Friend with the Sea”, which takes place in Estonia for the first time during the summer of 2016. The program provides young people at seven different locations around Estonia a possibility to try out a number of devices of different water-sports. The pop-up school is part of the Year of Maritime Culture 2016 programme.Nelja Energia supports Estonian biathlon by contributing to the Pühalepa ski club Põhjakotkas. A leading skier of the club is Martin Remmelg from Kärdla, whose greatest achievements are 5 silver medals and 2 bronze medals from the Estonian Championship men`s class, the 31st place in the European Championship and the 56th place in the World Championship.


Nelja Energia has previously supported the Laulasmaa Surfclub and the NGO Lokahi, the X-41 OD type of yacht named Forte, football club FC Majak, the Estonian Scout Association, the Kõpu District`s Development Association "Valguskiir", the Villages` Society of the Northwest of Hiiumaa, SOS Children`s Village, the Association of Estonian Foster Families, the Association of Large Families in Hiiumaa, the Hiiumaa Folk Festival and the grand horseback riding competition Tallinn International Horse Show.



The Ciuteliai, Silale, Silute and Mockiai wind parks in Lithuania also have support schemes for the neighboring local governments such as Silute, Silale, and Kretinga.

The donations from wind parks are used for environmental and social projects, like arranging local cultural events, organizing cultural education programs and educational sightseeing tours.

In additon, investments were made to fund the constructing of Leitgiriai recreational area and to support the Usenai School, the reconstruction of the playground and equipment of the nursery-primary school.Moreover, the Vilkyciai Primary School classrooms and the St. Casimir parish church were reconstructed and local infrastructure was improved by the reparation and maintenance of the streets and the street lighting.