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Tooma wind farm

Tooma I ja IIThe first phase of the construction of the Tooma wind farm was completed in 2009. The first wind turbine was connected with the power grid in December 2009. Full capacity was achieved in February 2010.

There are eight Enercon E-82 type wind turbines, each with a capacity of 2 MW, in the Tooma wind farm. Full capacity of the first phase of the Tooma wind farm is 16 MW.

The electric turbines are produced by a German company, Enercon GmbH. The height of the mast of the wind turbine is 78 meters, and rotor diameter is 82 meters. The wind turbine weighs 344 tons. The expected life-span of the wind turbines is 20 years.

Total investment  of the first phase of  the Tooma wind farm is EUR 25.9 million.

The Tooma wind farm is located in Pärnu County, Lääneranna Rural Municipality, Esivere Village. The wind farm comprises an area of approximately 37.7 hectares.

A specific project company, Hanila Tuulepargid OÜ, was established for the Tooma wind farm.

Yearly production (MWh)33 99241 59936 96234 49635 18340 20733 31737 846