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Tooma II wind farm


Three Enercon E-92 type wind turbines, with a capacity of 2.35 MW, are erected at the Tooma II wind farm. The total capacity of the second stage of the wind farm is 7.05 MW and the estimated annual production is 19 GWh.

The manufacturer of the wind turbines is the German company Enercon GmbH. The height of a wind turbine tower is 98 metres; rotor diameter is 92 metres. The wind turbine weighs 956 tonnes. The planned lifetime of the Tooma wind farm’s turbines is 20 years.

Total investment in the Tooma II wind farm is EUR 11.5 million.

The Tooma II wind farm is located in Esivere Village, Lääneranna Rural Municipality, Pärnu County. The wind farm covers a total area of approximately 35 hectares.

A specific project company, Hanila Tuulepargid OÜ, was established for the Tooma II wind farm.

Yearly production (MWh)9 17018 276

Location of the Tooma II wind farm