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Broceni pellet factory and CHP

Construction of the Broceni pellet factory and CHP commenced in July 2015.brozeni.jpeg

The annual estimated production capacity of the plant is 120,000 tonnes of pellets.

To supply the pellet factory with the required energy, a cogeneration plant with thermal power of 19.4 MW and electric power of 3.98 MW is being built. The estimated annual electrical output of the cogeneration plant is 30,000 MWh, which will be sold to the green network. The pellet factory will receive the thermal energy produced.

The supplier of the pellet factory equipment is AS Hekotek. The equipment manufacturers are Hekotek-Savico, Brucks and CPM.

The company responsible for the construction of the co-generation plant and delivery of equipment is SIA Upb Energy. The manufacturers of the main equipment are Bono and MAN.

The total investment in the Broceni pellet factory and CHP project is approximately EUR 30 million.

The development of the pellet factory is being managed by Nelja Energia’s Latvian subsidiary Pellet 4energia SIA. CHP is being managed by Technological Solution SIA.

The Broceni pellet factory and CHP are located in the Broceni District, Latvia.


Purchase of the belt dryer is supported by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. Read more information here.

Energy production (MWh/y)24 222