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Ciuteliai wind farm

CiuteliaiThe Ciuteliai wind farm was completed in 2012.

There are 17 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 2.3 MW, in the Ciuteliai wind farm. The total capacity of the wind farm is 39.1 MW and the prognosed yearly production of electricity approximately 108 GWh.

The electric turbines are produced by a German manufacturer Enercon GmbH. The height of the mast of the wind turbine is 108 meters, and rotor diameter is 82 meters. The expected life-span of the wind turbines is 20 years.

The Ciuteliai wind farm is located 15 km North from Šilutė and 19 km East from the Baltic Sea coast. The wind farm comprises an area of 800 hectares.

The Ciuteliai wind farm is operated by 4energia UAB (LLC), Nelja Energia’s subsidiary in Lithuania.

Yearly production (MWh)39 424 91 970 98 041111 50496 097104 686